Business members can buy from and sell to members.
Business members will pay 600.00A$ (A$ = ANLAC Dollars) to register.
ANLAC will provide an interest free loan of 600.00A$ to be repaid in ANLAC dollars or cash within one year at the rate of . The first 50 businesses in your state or province can register for free.  Business members will pay a monthly fee of $30.00 cash to ANLAC by credit or debit card. Business members will pay ANLAC 10% of each sales transaction in cash or ANLAC dollars for commissions and rebates. Business members will obtain confirmations for the ANLAC portion of each transaction. ANLAC prefers all transactions are 100% ANLAC dollars. The minimum transaction must be at least one half ANLAC dollars and one half cash unless a lower percent is approved by ANLAC.
Individual members can only buy from members.
Individual members will register for free.
Individual members will pay a monthly fee of $10.00 cash to ANLAC by credit or debit card.
Individual members will receive a 4% rebate for each purchase.
Members must refer 10 new members to be eligible for an appointment as a judge. Judges receive commissions. Judges maintain the ANLAC system. Judges assist members in buying and selling. Judges resolve disputes between members.
Religious, charitable, and non-profit institutions can join for free. No monthly fee is required. Registered institutions can receive donations from ANLAC and its members.
All referring members receive commissions.